“The cave you fear to enter holds
the treasure you seek.” 

I’d love to have a real conversation
about fear and transformation.

Let’s talk.


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Get up and hustle

We want to make a documentary focused on hustlers in Lagos, people who are making shit happen in a creative way for themselves and the world.

Email Scams. Boko Haram. Corruption. Danger.
The world is afraid of Nigeria.
Fear creates barriers.

This is why you won’t find Amazon, Paypal or Ebay there.
This is why I couldn’t even us my debit card there.
This is why there are so few startup investors – or even foreign visitors.

We want to show the world a different Nigeria – a real Nigeria, a hopeful Nigeria.
We want to shine a light on the stories of hustlers in three areas: Money. Sex. Music.

Money: How can entrepreneurs make startups that scale in a country where the odds seemed stacked against you?
Sex: How is the LGBTQ community practicing their identity in a country where homosexuality is illegal?
Music: How are women finding their voice in music in a country where sexism rules? 

We’re activists who believe that stories can change the world.
We’re going tell people a new story about Nigeria.

Read about my love affair with Nigeria