“The cave you fear to enter holds
the treasure you seek.” 

I’d love to have a real conversation
about fear and transformation.

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Workshop Experiences

Delivering a workshop on Being Radically Ambitious About Your Career at IDEO in London

Delivering a workshop on Being Radically Ambitious About Your Career at IDEO in London

I design curated and original programs based on best practice research and conversations with the world’s most creative and courageous leaders and the nuances of your own culture. 

For the past ten years, I’ve been teaching workshops and delivering motivational talks on vision, leadership and confidence at organizations that include Wolff Olins, General Assembly, Learnerbly, IDEO, Google, UK Government and Impact Hub.

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Fiercely Courageous Leadership Program: Re-invent the status quo
Re-inventing the status quo, whether it’s as an entrepreneur starting a new business, change maker fighting for equality, or designer putting their art out in the world, is an act of fierce courage. Following what is in our heart, doing what is right often goes against the mainstream. How can courage and creativity endure in the face of fear, criticism and sometimes hatred? This program is rooted in cultivating a deep understanding and love of our whole selves — our darkness as well as our light, our joys as well as our fears—and the capacity to stay whole and fiercely courageous.  

Visionary Leadership Program: Define your north star, manifest the change you want to see.
Each and every one of us has the capacity to make a difference. If you fast forward to the end of your life: What do you want people to say about you? How do you want to impact the world? Bringing together spirituality and strategy, we’ll collaborate to paint your long-term vision and values for changing the world, and design a plan of action with tangible goals, habits and small steps.

I found your class powerful and you are truly inspiring. I admired your ability to speak up for yourself when something’s not right, your confidence and everything you say, you say with such passion.
— Jay Grant, Admissions Manager, General Assembly

Collaborative Leadership Program: Be the leader people want to work with
If you want to travel fast, travel alone. If you want to travel far, travel together.” Leadership is about bringing everyone together to work towards a common vision. In this program, we’ll focus on the foundation of collaboration — building trust and psychological safety, championing your people, giving feedback and having difficult conversations and holding space for healthy debate and conflict. 

Watch this series hosted by yours truly on finding work you love

Confidence & Executive Presence Program: Your confidence can change the world
This program is most personal and deeply spiritual. It is based off my life-long journey of being courageously true to who I am. Once upon a time, I was a painfully shy Asian girl who never said word during meetings. Over the course of 34 years, I found my voice and went on to become an out-and-proud queer Motivational Speaker giving public talks to thousands of people all over the world. For this program, I bring a unique blend of TED-Talk style stories, practical habits and spiritual guidance to manifest the most powerful essence of who you are.

Career Development Program: Build a Career You Love
I’ve spent the past five years teaching hundreds of individuals at General Assembly find work they love —whether it’s starting a new business, transitioning to a new industry or getting promoted.. Through a choreography of quiet introspection, creative brainstorming and mentoring, I’ll help you uncover what makes your heart sing, what you're good at and what legacy you want to leave behind. Once we’ve articulated your North Star, we’ll create a plan to build the career you want, with the opportunity to cover everything from your personal brand to CV to pitching skills.

I attended her ‘Find Your Dream Job’ Course and landed my dream job less than a year later thanks in large part to her coaching and guidance. Melissa’s perfectly balanced course content nailed a tricky combination of aspirational reflection and fresh, practical tools for making it real.”
— Meghan Dawson, Inventor, ?What If!

Wellbeing & Resilience Program: Design practices for Gentle Ambition
I’ve witnessed far too many colleagues and friends working to the point of illness and injury, myself included. Success should not require working yourself to the ground. In the spirit of Gentle Ambition, we’d love to manifest your dreams in a way that nourishes your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing. We’ll collaborate to design habits and practices that help you stay healthy and resilient in a world where time is precious and failure is inevitable. 


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